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June - 2023: Summer News!

The year 2023 is shaping up to be a very different and atypical year.

We had very heavy rains and low temperatures during the autumn and beginning of the Winter time.

At the turn of the year, all rain stopped and it was extremely untypically dry until May. At present we are living in new climatic conditions - with thunders and rains in May and June.

A challenge for all farmers, but we managed to keep the vines healthy and at this stage our grapes show up healthy with acceptable production.

We look forward to seeing what this summer will bring.

DL Arinto 2022

We have news for you, our DL Arinto 2022 is available! This year it presents a lot of freshness and minerality, being possible to capture a lot of citrus and green apple aromas. It will be a great option for this summer!

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