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March 2022: Think it's just one more reason to put our whites in the glass!

To celebrate the arrival of the new season, we have a new vintage that celebrate and is inspired by the colors of spring. After 2021 marked by high temperatures and lack of precipitation, our new harvests take on slightly different profiles, however, no less appetizing.

The new 2022 whites and rosés are reason enough to toast - we toast for them and with them. The drier weather of 2021 boosted the floral aromas of our wines, and in the mouth, they helped maintain the elegance and sophistication we are already accustomed to.

The bottles of all the white wines with the signature of Quinta da Plansel have changed their color. We are a house that prides itself on its transparency towards all customers and partners, and so we are informing you that this small change is due to the shortage and delay in deliveries of raw materials. And, as with transparency, we also take great pride in our team's ability to solve problems. The usual quality is guaranteed, just with different colored bottles.

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