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November - 2022: Plansel International Wine School is growing

Plansel International Wine School is growing and that might also be interesting for you as a winelover!

New website

Since this summer we have a new website with all the events we are organizing  clearly in one agenda.

It is very easy to see when and where in Portugal (soon in 7 area’s!) the events will take place and in what language. But most important really easy to book.

WSET Level 3

Also something which is coming up for a while is offering WSET Level 3. We found a really enthusiast teacher from Poland but living in Lisbon. We are most likely going to organize this course also in Lisbon. But first of all we really would like to know if people are interested.

So if you are thinking about doing level 3 please let us know and we will put you on the list.

The course will take 5 days from Monday till Friday.

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