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September - 2022: Highlights And Silver Flavored Harvest

After gathering our friends in Montemor-o-Novo for the celebration of our 25th anniversary gala and showing them a little of our Alentejo pride, today they are the ones who take us to the world with words that fill our hearts.

It leaves us speechless to realize that one of the most remarkable nights in our history also marked those who lived it with us with every smile, every tear and every hug. Thank you for this!

This culmination of celebrations now intersects with the most joyful and most important moment of the winery which, like the last 25 years, is the result of hard work and dedication of our entire team. This year we started our harvest with the variety of Gouveio.

The dry year, marked by below average rainfall and temperature peaks, proved to be a challenge for us and for the vine, which made the plant activate its defenses against high temperatures. This means that we have smaller berries than normal,

which translates into a lower yield, but a greater concentration of its properties.

The very specific microclimate of Montemor-o-Novo, with a maritime influence and sheltered from the hot southerly winds by the small mountains, turned out to be beneficial to the vines, making them more resistant to the drier year. Despite the challenges, we believe that the references signed by the year 2022 will be very rich, both in the nose and in the mouth. Now we just have to wait a few years to taste them.

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