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September - 2023

Mundus Vini Awards 2023!

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June - 2023

Summer News!


The year 2023 is shaping up to be a very different and atypical year.

We had very heavy rains and low temperatures during the autumn and beginning of the Winter time. 
At the turn of the year, all rain stopped and it was extremely untypically dry until May. At present we are living in new climatic conditions - with thunders and rains in May and June. 
A challenge for all farmers, but we managed to keep the vines healthy and at this stage our grapes show up healthy with acceptable production.
We look forward to seeing what this summer will bring.

DL Arinto 2022

We have news for you, our DL Arinto 2022 is available! This year it presents a lot of freshness and minerality, being possible to capture a lot of citrus and green apple aromas. It will be a great option for this summer!


November - 2022

Plansel International Wine School is growing and that might also be interesting for you as a winelover! 

  • New website

Since this summer we have a new website with all the events we are organizing  clearly in one agenda. 
It is very easy to see when and where in Portugal (soon in 7 area’s!) the events will take place and in what language. But most important really easy to book. 

  • WSET Level 3 

Also something which is coming up for a while is offering WSET Level 3. We found a really enthusiast teacher from Poland but living in Lisbon. We are most likely going to organize this course also in Lisbon. But first of all we really would like to know if people are interested. 
So if you are thinking about doing level 3 please let us know and we will put you on the list. 
The course will take 5 days from Monday till Friday.


November - 2022

Harvest 2022 & Christmas 

Since last weekend, we are done with our 2022 vintage, bringing to an end the most intense and important period of the year. This year has been a very difficult one for us, as it has been for all winemakers in Portugal. The extreme heat, coupled with high drought have presented us with some challenges during the last weeks. But our team has done a great job, so that the 2022 vintage will also be a success. We are convinced to produce unique and characterful wines that will convince the market. Stay tuned! 

When autumn comes to an end, it also means that the Christmas season is getting closer. This year we have again compiled a great Christmas catalog for you, with some extras: The Marques de Montemor white and red, with original label, new wines such as our Dorina Lindemann Arinto or the Defensorand gift boxes in the new design. We are happy if our wines accompany you through the contemplative Christmas season. If you are interested in the catalog, please let us know!


Also, great news: Our Plansel Touriga Franca 2020 is now available! The grape variety convinces with aromas of berry fruit as well as dark chocolate and hints of licorice. The flavors meet explosively on the palate and are accompanied by structured tannins. After 14 months in barrique, the Touriga Franca is now very balanced and still has a high storage potential. Enjoy it for yourself! 

In addition, from next week our Dorina Lindemann wine of the Family Estate line will be available again. This Limited Edition is made from the best grapes of Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional. Something very special to close out this year. 


October - 2022

September Marked By The Vintage And Mundus Vini Medals 

We are very proud to share with you the successes of the summer Mundus Vini tasting, one of the most important wine competitions in the world. We brought to Alentejo another 6 medals. 
It is an indescribable feeling every time all the effort and work put into the grapes and wine throughout the year is rewarded in this way. Thank you very much


Now at the winery, we still continue through the much loved grape harvest. This year we started the grape harvest a little earlier, around the beginning of August. The anticipation of the grape harvest was due to the high temperatures that were felt throughout the year in Alentejo.  
On September 16th we were able to finish harvesting of the white wine grapes with the Antão Vaz variety. We are very excited with the results of this particularly hot and dry harvest. 
Due to the heavy rains last week, we had to take a short break from harvesting. However, this week we are continuing with our red grapes. The sun is shining again and so nothing stands in the way of the harvest.  

So far, we are very satisfied with our harvested grape material, although, as expected, we are suffering small losses in quantity due to the severe drought this year. These losses relate to about 10% of our white grapes. 
We remain excited about what the next few days will bring and how our grapes and musts will develop.  

 Our new apartments in the middle of our vineyards also invite you to spend the end of the summer here. They are the perfect destination for a relaxing getaway. The pleasant temperatures we have here at the moment are perfect for getting to know the Alentejo better. 


September - 2022

Highlights And Silver Flavored Harvest

After gathering our friends in Montemor-o-Novo for the celebration of our 25th anniversary gala and showing them a little of our Alentejo pride, today they are the ones who take us to the world with words that fill our hearts. 

It leaves us speechless to realize that one of the most remarkable nights in our history also marked those who lived it with us with every smile, every tear and every hug. Thank you for this!
This culmination of celebrations now intersects with the most joyful and most important moment of the winery which, like the last 25 years, is the result of hard work and dedication of our entire team. This year we started our harvest with the variety of Gouveio. 


The dry year, marked by below average rainfall and temperature peaks, proved to be a challenge for us and for the vine, which made the plant activate its defenses against high temperatures. This means that we have smaller berries than normal, which translates into a lower yield, but a greater concentration of its properties .

The very specific microclimate of Montemor-o-Novo, with a maritime influence and sheltered from the hot southerly winds by the small mountains, turned out to be beneficial to the vines, making them more resistant to the drier year. 
Despite the challenges, we believe that the references signed by the year 2022 will be very rich, both in the nose and in the mouth. Now we just have to wait a few years to taste them.


June - 2022

25 Years Of Passion, Love And Family History

In this particular year, we have invited our family, friends and customers to visit us exactly where it all began, in Montemor-o-Novo. It was 25 years ago that Dorina Lindemann began the project to which she would dedicate much effort, time, but especially much love. 

It would be simple just to remember what went well, but we also had to overcome setbacks and personal fates. 

We are proud to present one of our best wines for this event: the Plansel 25 Years 2017.  


The best of our selection of the last 40 years. This limited edition is made by the base of the most important grape varieties of Portugal – Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca, Alicante Bouschet, Trincadeira and Aragonez.

A work of art of elegance, power, depth and complexity.

We look back on these 25 years with great pride and great love. To all those

who were not able to toast with us last 18th June, here is the promise of many toasts to come soon - always with one from Quinta da Plansel.  


March - 2022

Think it's just one more reason to put our whites in the glass

To celebrate the arrival of the new season, we have a new vintage that celebrate and is inspired by the colors of spring. After 2021 marked by high temperatures and lack of precipitation, our new harvests take on slightly different profiles, however, no less appetizing. 

The new 2022 whites and rosés are reason enough to toast - we toast for them and with them. The drier weather of 2021 boosted the floral aromas of our wines, and in the mouth, they helped maintain the elegance and sophistication we are already accustomed to. 

The bottles of all the white wines with the signature of Quinta da Plansel have changed their color. We are a house that prides itself on its transparency towards all customers and partners, and so we are informing you that this small change is due to the shortage and delay in deliveries of raw materials. And, as with transparency, we also take great pride in our team's ability to solve problems. The usual quality is guaranteed, just with different colored bottles. 

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